Free Range, Wild Bison

Come hunt wild, free-range bison on the 2.3 million acre Crow Reservation in Montana. Hunts are conducted from July through mid-August on bison only hunts and from mid-August through September on combo only hunts. Hundreds of Plains bison can be seen on the hunt. Hunters may book a mature bull hunt or a cow hunt. Rifle hunts are 2 days and bow hunts have a 4-day minimum. Typically, mature bulls are breeding age bulls 4-6 years old and can weigh up to 1100lbs. Cow hunts can be for either young 3-year-old meat cows or for older trophy dry cows that can weigh over 1000lbs. All rifle bison hunts have been 100% successful and bow hunts have been 95% successful. The hunt includes lodging, guaranteed licenses and guide. Clients provide their own meals on this hunt and are responsible for all coolers, ice and game bags. Normally four 150-quart coolers are sufficient, or some hunters bring a chest freezer and generator. The lodge can accommodate up to 6 hunters and is fully stocked with all kitchen ware, bedding and towels. Bison hunters may have to spend the night on the mountain in a bare bones cabin so hunters must be prepared with appropriate bedrolls. The outfitter recommends a heavy for caliber bullet in 7mm or larger on a flat shooting rifle with bipods as all the shooting is done from the prone or sitting position. Bows must be a minimum of 60lbs. Typical shots range from 250 to 450 yards with a rifle and 40-70 yards with a bow. This is an outstanding youth hunt opportunity as there is no age requirement on kids.