About Vargo Hunting

  I am a small, customer focused, booking agent that specializes in bringing you hunts that are a cut above the rest. I focus on quality not quantity. Unlike larger booking agents, I have turned down a lot of outfitters over the years that want me to book hunts for them. I only sell hunts with outfitters I have developed a personal relationship with that I deem are a cut above the rest and provide unique or outstanding trophies. I serve as a business advisor with those outfitters, providing feedback from clients and offering sound advice when solicited. My motto is... I won't book a hunt unless I've hunted it myself. My hunt prices are not inflated and are the same price if you call the outfitter and ask. Why not just call the outfitter directly you ask... what do you provide that's different or to my advantage you say. That's an easy one... I monitor my outfitters year-round through the numerous clients I send them throughout the year, year after year. I'm an independent 3rd party that has your best interest in mind and I'm small enough to be able to spend the time monitoring my outfitters. If there's a problem, I know it immediately and work with the outfitter to correct it. Limiting the hunts I sell also gives me the ability to fully interact with my clients, answering questions and making sure you are prepared for the hunt. I take calls, texts and emails. As a bonus for my clients, I provide free consulting services on where to draw premium tags in Montana, Utah and Wyoming, especially for DIY hunts.

Vargo Hunting Consultants LLC