Trophy West Texas Free-Range Auodad

3.5 day, 4.5 night hunts located on two ranches located in the Davis (120k acres) and the Chinati Mountains (22k acres) of Texas. Hunts start at 1pm on the first day. These ranches only harvest old, mature trophy auodad and our outfitter has personally been on over 200 auodad hunts and is an expert field judge of trophy auodad. As he says, "I will be more picky on your auodad then you ever will " Trophy auodads share four factors...age, body size, horn length/mass, and length of chaps. He does both rifle and bow hunts with the recommended rifle calibers being 7mm and 30 caliber magnums with heavy for caliber bullets as clients have taken auodad up to 400lbs with the average being between 325 to 350lbs.

Fall hunts start middle of September and the rut is October to mid November. Spring hunts are February through May when the rams are in bachelor groups.

For either hunt you can fly into either El Paso or Midland Texas and rent a car.


1x1 $6500

2x1 $6200/hunter

3x1 $6000/hunter

Observer $1750

Hunts include food, lodging, guide, game care and transportation in the field. Hunters are responsible for purchasing a $48 five day nonresident hunting license which can be picked up online or in person at a local license agent prior to the hunt. Tips to the guide and or cook are not included in the hunt price.

Recommended local taxidermist is Hip-O Taxidermy, 2801- A East HWY, US-90, Alpine, TX 79830 (432) 837-4277. They are experts in mounting auodad and have the option of providing white glove delivery van service of your trophy.